How does it work

I take care of cats of different age, about those cats who are kept in the house or flat and also those, who are used to go outside (or spent the most of the time outside and come home just to eat), those cat who are shy as well as social.
During my regular visits I can ensure little practical stuff at your home as needed – like water the plants or collect the letters from your mailbox.

Where you can use my services
The right bank of the Vltava river (except some suburbs). On the left bank only following areas are covered: Holešovice, Letná.

If you wish to order, the best way is to send me an email where you write me your exact address, the term(s) and how often you want me to do the catsitting and when we meet to introduce ourselves and settle the details.
As soon as I get your order (by mail, cellphone or by other way) I will contact you and we will make an appointment. During our first meeting I will acquaint with your cat(s), we write a list of your requirements and what you want me to do during the catsitting, we also sign a contract and I will borrow the keys from your house or flat. I will visit your cat in required terms (as often as you wish – once or twice per day, normally in the same time) and I will spend with her around half / one hour. Except feeding, changing water and cleaning the cat toilet I devote the time to the cat – to pet her, play with her or brush her hair. If necessary, I can give the cat her medicine like pills as well as insulin or antibiotics injections. In the case of any troubles either with the cat or at your home I will contact you immediately.

From every visit I will send you a report with the pictures of your cat to your cell phone or mail address.